Art Dot is a collaboration between graphic designers, industrial designers and illustrators to create statement pieces of accessories.

Our Latest Line VENERATA is an Ode to real beauty. We brought to POP ART beautiful piece of art from Renaissance and Neo-Classic, including Botticelli, Cannova, Artemisia Gentileschi and later Rosetti that depict Myths and Stories of women who had to overpower their context to survive and represent safe beauty or a renaissance of protected beauty.

With Our Lines SKINLESSING, RÊVE & FURIA we re-make bleedings of two art pieces depicting the struggle of women when their skin needs to transform to survive and when it needs to become powerful as horses in a game between dreams and fury.

ORO COLORATO is a light flowy line made under the inspiration of Sundur and Pascal Pinon .

Our VENERATA Line will soon be enriched by more colours and tales so stay tuned!

Amazing hands create unique bracelets made un Murano imitation crystals.